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Apostle Dr. Michael Henry

Apostle. Dr Michael Henry an anointed, seasoned and profound Preacher of Biblical truth with wisdom and revelation-knowledge. The manifestation of the supernatural in his ministry is inescapable; it ‘fires’ his audience to respond ecstatically.Suffice it to say; his distinguished international ministry earned him a place among the desired Servants of God.

EVANGELISM – Evangelism is the divine prophetic calling God has given His church. Many either have failed to recognise or have forgotten the divine prophetic calling God has given this church. Holy Spirit-led passion in your local church and its outreach to the secular world is the response to apathy. Christian Ministries have used the methodology of MH Ministries with extraordinary success.

REVIVALS – History shows that the great revivals or spiritual awakenings in the past turned the deluge of our nation’s morality, produced hundreds of thousands of converts to Christ; retreated religious apathy and revived the spiritual passion of churchgoers. A repeated spiritual awakening is desperately needed again in our nation. I am in ministry for over five decades of such international revivals. Requestto hold a REVIVAL in your area today.

COALITION OF AUTONOMOUS MINISTERS CAM – CAM aims to establish an interacting relationship with and between Ministers; to care for and encourage one another. To ordain men and women who meet the Biblical Moral Principles and be more effective Servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, working to extend the Kingdom of God on

COMPANY OF FATHERS AND SONS– COFAS- The objective of the Company of ‘Fathers and Sons’ is to inspire and challenge ‘spiritual fathers and Sons’ to be participating in the fulfilment of the prophecy according to Malachi 4:6.  Thus, accentuating foundational truth to equip this generation do mighty exploits for the Kingdom of God and fill the gap.

LOGOS BIBLE COLLEGE- Logos Bible College International is a ministry-oriented model of church leadership training and our primary purpose is to provide training for people who aspire to discover and fulfil their objectives for the Kingdom of God.


We respond to the request of our Hosts to any Christian Vision and Mission to deepen the Believers relationship with Christ.Our conferences presentations are “… built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone” (Ephesians 2:20).


Trinity Life coaching will assist you to take full advantage of your talents while still being mindful of your limitations. In getting to know your core values and strengths, you will be taught basic personal development features to suite your potential capacity.