Michael Henry Ministries dedicates this website primarily to share God’s love to mankind. We are not able to go on regular foreign expeditions missions to offer teaching and sermons and prayer to live audiences. Through the website as most Christian organisations do, we are able to reach people as individuals and groups through and both in audio, video literature and other agencies. We choose to use this program to enhance the lives of Global Communities of Christian and non-Christian.




In 1972, with a vision to fulfil the Great Commission, Apostle. Dr Michael Henry and his wife Glory Priscilla Henry established The Ministries. They are both indigenous South African. In over five decades, transformation and shifts advanced The Miniseries and gave birth to a combination of Allied Ministries that are exhibited in this website

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Apostle Dr. Michael Henry – Profile

Apostle Dr Michael Henry is the Founder of Michael Henry Ministries. His national and international ministry has earned him world-renowned status. He flows in the Apostolic and Prophetic anointing. He is a man with the heart of a “father” with urgency to raise “sons” that will be equipped to carry the Gospel with fire in their bosoms. He is indeed an end-time Revivalist!

His academic achievements include a Diploma of Theology – BA Honours Degree Doctorate of Divinity. He is an ex-city Counsellor and Member of the South African Parliament.

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Its is with deep regret that we announce the passing away of Dr Michael Henry on the 29 July 2020